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As a Managing Director, does this look familiar to you?

A common situation of a business unit managing director
in a German engineering company

We often observe that the managing directors of the business units find themselves caught between various stakeholders and therefore experience pressure from many fronts simultaneously. Just as often, however, we find that the managing director has a well-thought-out vision for the markets and customers, including how their organization will be successful in the market in the long term.

The key question is therefore whether the management board, supervisory board and owners trust the managing director to implement his plan for the success of the organization. And furthermore, whether they trust that the managing director will maintain full transparency with regard to the extent to which his vision has already been realized.

Our role

Our proposal

By eliminating storytelling and facilitating effective communication, the managing director gains the trust of the management board, supervisory board and owner. Once the business unit managing director has been granted the liquidity to make the necessary investments, he / she can freely pursue his / her market vision and strategy.

We help business unit managing directors to underpin the plan with market data and at the same time give the management board, supervisory board and owners certainty that the managing director can understand market developments in real time and thus steer in an agile manner.

How we achieve the above-stated

We follow a 4-step approach

Funnel analysis

We define and align the sales process in close collaboration with your teams.


We create your dashboard so that you can monitor your markets.


We regularly interpret the data with your teams to ensure they benefit from high data quality in their daily operations.


In close collaboration with you, we analyze the story to build a strong foundation for discussion with the boards and the owner.

The scope & solve dashboard

The core result is a tailor-made market tracking dashboard that delivers the most important data from the relevant markets in real time and at the same time helps to track progress towards realizing the business unit’s market strategy. To create this dashboard however, we need to collaborate closely with the operational teams belonging to the sales directors and regional general managers, who themselves will experience the benefits of having the dashboard in their daily business.

High data quality from sales team

All regions on board (entire BU)

Overview of markets & applications

With & for your sales teams

Solid foundation to implement your market plan

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