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We are a specialized task force dedicated to driving market initiatives with core expertise in the machining and component manufacturing sectors.
Our organization thrives on tackling “market conundrums”, and efficiently unraveling these challenges through close collaboration with our clients is ingrained in our organizational DNA.

What we believe in

Empowering european SMEs

to achieve long-term success through rapid innovation and environmental sustainability

We believe that European SMEs will be successful in the long-term as technology leaders with ever shorter innovation cycles and a clear, ecologically sustainable vision for their market.

We believe that the bridge between Europe, the US, China and India is an essential factor for the sustainable success of European SMEs in terms of culture, market strategy and inter-company production & supply chain.

We believe that high data quality in Sales & Aftersales is crucial for identifying market developments early on and encouraging entire organizations to transform.

We believe that posing questions and conundrums serves a more constructive purpose than providing quick responses, because doing so compels individuals to discuss and collaborate to attain shared objectives.

Who we are

We are a specialized task force for market initiatives

Our clients know their need for transformation and have clear long-term goals, but often struggle with the “how”. We bridge this gap by transforming broad strategic visions into actionable, market-driven initiatives. These initiatives not only garner the enthusiasm of sales teams but also foster a sense of integration across the entire organization. Leveraging high-quality data, we collaborate closely with our clients, tackling complex market challenges as a unified team. Our commitment is to “fight alongside them in the arena”, driving towards measurable, impactful results.

Why our clients choose us

Our 5 principles for project work:

Measurable Impact

All initiatives have a direct impact on order intake, sales or contribution margin, a strong focus on data-quality in CRM and progress is continuously evaluated with the team.

Conundrum gene

By presenting challenges as conundrums to be solved, your team members feel engaged and driven to participate in the problem-solving process. This method promotes a collaborative working dynamic where we combine our efforts to devise solutions and execute their implementation cohesively as a team.

Customer Centricity

By keeping a strict eye on the market, you’ll bring a customer centric mindset into the organization and increase proximity to your customers. This will enable you to derive how much transformation the market currently expects.

Bridge Building

You form your regional teams (e.g. India, China, US, ...) into a global business unit that works together where it makes sense, but at the same time respects "local for local".

Clear Scope

Scope the market initiative and the specific conundrum down to a feasible initiative that people can grasp.

Our clients

Over several years, we have been working in close collaboration with: 

Our project partners

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How we work

Navigating your market conundrums

Various factors, from overarching trends such as geopolitical shifts, environmental concerns and recycling initiatives, the rising social economy in India, and the skilled labor shortage in Europe, to more immediate business challenges like soaring energy costs across Europe, are exerting mounting pressure on executive boards and top leadership, straining profitability. At the strategic level, the imperative areas for action in the markets become swiftly apparent – whether it’s the need to venture into a new segment, innovate within an existing one or establish a novel business model, or the necessity to exit a particular segment altogether. This urgency reverberates across regional management and business units, prompting the planning and undertaking of corresponding initiatives. However, over time, a realization dawns upon the executive board that the desired transformation is not progressing rapidly enough, as multiple initiatives are underway concurrently, often without adequate synchronization. This lack of alignment only amplifies the pressure.



How we support to reach your goals

Within the overarching market initiative, scope & solve serves as the “moderator”, facilitating cooperation and bridging gaps between the various people, departments, and regions integral to solving the market conundrum. scope & solve, embedded within the sales organization, assumes the role of a “consultant,” contributing its specialized expertise and methodologies, as sales acts as the organization’s conduit to the market. Even during the “solving” phase, progress may stall, prompting us to pause, reflect, and potentialy revisit the scoping stage, as we may have new insights into the conundrums complexity. In such cases, we re-engage with our project team and sponsors to set the scope accordingly.

Our clients seek a partner who can not only guide but also actively spearhead and participate in implementing these crucial, market-responsive transformations alongside them.

What our clients approach us with

Thriving amidst turbulence: strategies for sustained sales growth in dynamic markets

Our clients frequently stand at the forefront of technological progress within their core business domains. However, these core domains face mounting pressures from the reverberations of the coronavirus pandemic and evolving market trends, such as the ever-rising quality standards in India and China. Consequently, they must concurrently develop new market segments, whether exploring regional markets, uncovering novel applications within existing markets, or pursuing alternative strategies. This delicate balancing act – defending the core business while cultivating new opportunities – necessitates a profound organizational transformation, as both imperatives demand simultaneous attention.

Thanks to efficient tracking, we've already managed to convert approximately 
15% more opportunities from the 'quotation' funnel phase into orders.


Robert Koert, Director Service, Trützschler Nonwovens

Our service

We extend our support and moderation expertise to our clients throughout the market initiative lifecycle. Starting with a core team, we gradually involve the rest of the organization. At strategic junctures, we introduce one of the 18 methodologies that have been rigorously developed and validated through numerous customer engagements. In close collaboration with our clients, we define a project or annual budget tailored to the agreed-upon scope. Experience has shown that transformation projects typically require 2-3 years before tangible market impacts become noticeable, although internal effects often manifest earlier.

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Recognizing that all initiatives, be they in sales, marketing, product innovation, IT, supply chain operations, or any other domain, must ultimately deliver value to customers and align with market demands, our approach commences with a comprehensive market-oriented scoping exercise. In collaboration with the Management Board, we identify the prevailing market objectives and the accompanying “market conundrums” – the intrinsic challenges underlying those objectives. This rigorous analysis lays the groundwork for a well-defined scoping process, addressing key considerations:

1) Which specific market segments and targets are we pursuing?

2) What departments need to be integrally involved?

3) Which regions or business units must be aligned?

This scoping phase crucially determines the core team composition and the appropriate KPIs to gauge success. The overarching goal of this scoping is to formulate an initiative that is eminently implementable.


With the scoping phase complete, we then transition into the “SOLVING” stage. This entails first articulating the current state of affairs in quantifiable, measurable terms. From this baseline, we begin unraveling the core conundrum – the inherent challenge of realizing those defined market targets. Our approach allows for the strategic planning of multifaceted initiatives that can influence various facets: market segments, operational processes and methodologies, digital solutions and product offerings, systemic factors, data quality standards, interdepartmental teamwork and collaboration across regions. Moreover, we ensure synchronization with any other concurrent projects or initiatives already underway.